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23 October 2012

0 Observing and Learning: TLL and LLL

I've been quiet. I should have been posting to my blog all these months but I've realized, I'm in my "quiet phase". You know, just like the ELL students in your classes. I changed jobs in March this year, from PYP Curriculum Coordinator in elementary school to Director of Educational Technology across the whole school. I recognize now that I am a TLL (Technology Language Learner) and a LLL (Leadership Language Learner) and am replicating similar steps as ELL students.

According to Judie Haynes at EverythingESL, there are five phases of ESL acquisition: Preproduction, Early Production, Speech Emergence, Intermediate Fluency, and Advanced Fluency. I am in my Intermediate Fluency phase as a TLL since I "use strategies from [my] native language to learn content in [technology]," meaning that I am able to take my background in curriculum and translate that through technology. I have the ability to put the two together in exciting, relevant and challenging ways.

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Unfortunately, I'm in my Early Production phase as a LLL. I've only just left my quiet phase (hence the no blogging!) and am only beginning to find my voice again. In this phase, ELL students tend to "use short language chunks that have been memorized although these chunks may not always be used correctly." I feel like that is often what I am doing as a leader across the whole school. I've been applying what I have seen as "chunks" of leadership models, or those that worked with the Elementary teachers that I used to work with, but those models are sometimes wrong or out of place in the larger audience with which I now work.

So now, as I continue to move forward through the more challenging phases as a TLL and LLL, I will take the advice given to teachers of ELL students working toward the Speech Emergence phase, "Dialogue journals... are especially helpful with English language learners. Students can write about topics that interest them and proceed at their own level and pace. They have a place to express their thoughts and ideas." My blog will serve as my journal and here I hope to find my voice where both my TLL and LLL voices will come together.

Are there others out there that are on a similar journey? Have you found a way to move through these phases and model for others? Are there any recommendations that you have for someone learning the Language of Leadership?

Looking forward to your thoughts,

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