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10 October 2011

3 EdCamp Santiago... Professional Learning in Practice!

Well, I've been a big fan of the edcamp movement for some time and have even had the courage to contact a few edcampers in the last few months (thanks @dancalahan !) for some advice.  But, I didn't have the "guts" yet to pull the trigger and get it started.  Thankfully, there are other members of my PLN out there who do have the "guts" (or fill in any other word you prefer) to get out there and go for it.  Thanks to @profesortbaker we've now gotten the ball rolling!

Do I have any idea what I am doing ? NO. Do I know if this will work in Santiago? NO. Do we even know how to get this started? NO. But, as with all things in the PYP framework and 21st Century learning, we're going to inquire, collaborate virtually and in person, search for resources, ask for help from our PLNs and create a product that will be amazing, even to us!  

There are only a few of us in the movement thus far but it is slowly picking up speed.  To get to know each other and for others to get to know us, a website has been created to promote our edcamp:  Edcamp Santiago  I've also put my interview below so that those of you who read this blog can know more about me and what I've been involved in. 

Click below to read more!
Interview with Jessica Allen
How are you involved in education?
I’m currently the PYP Curriculum Coordinator at Santiago College in Providencia.  I have been working there for the past three years and am helping to organize and develop more classroom wide inclusion of technology embedded in the PYP framework and inquiry approach curriculum that we use at the school.
Some of our latest endeavours have included a grade 5 PYP exhibition on technology which included various forms of technology including blogs, edmodo and QR codes, using a class set of 6 iPads for small group instruction in class and developing a group of 20 teachers who are trialing the use of iPads in their professional and classroom approaches.
What does your ideal school or classroom look like?
My ideal classroom is one that showcases and capitalizes on the joy of learning for the teachers and students in the room.  There is purpose built, comfortable and mobile furniture which develops 21st century learning skills with ease.  Furniture such as this allows the learning to move outside the four walls of the classroom into the hall, the outdoors or wherever the students and teachers’ needs take them.
I expect technology to be embedded within the design without being noticeable or obtrusive.  I envision independent and group learning areas or pods with access to various forms of technology for inquiry, centers or stations where students can meet with teachers to clarify or explore a topic in more detail and group areas for demonstrating and showcasing learning to a larger group of students and teachers.  As one teacher I recently found put it “A mac store that is a classroom.”
If you lead a session at #EdcampSantiago, what would it be about?
·         Information or examples of the PYP framework:  I’ve been a trainer and teacher of the program for the last 11 years and still enjoy talking, sharing and collaborating on what this learner centered classroom looks like in practice
·         Inquiry learning:  As I mentioned above, I have many years of experience in how to develop inquiry and use collaborative approaches in developing inquiry in the classroom.  These examples go hand in hand with a PYP framework approach.
·         Education Technology for a classroom:  I’ve been involved with educational technology since the beginning of my teaching career and have continuously studied it throughout the last 15 years.  I am passionate about ways to include technology easily and seamlessly in learning experiences in the classroom.  I can share information on web 2.0 approaches as well as simpler program based approaches.
·         Twitter for professional practice:  I have been using twitter for the last 6 months and have experienced a major surge in my professional growth and practice.  I think it is an indispensible tool in 21st century education and would be delighted to discuss and cheer about it in a session!
Do you have a website or blog?
Yes, my professional website where I explore everything educational and mash it all together,  “Edu Mash-up” which resides here:  edu-mashup.blogspot.com

I’m also a guest blogger on the inquiry website shared with many other like minded and inspired teachers around the world: inquiryblog.wordpress.com

And as I mentioned above, I maintain the Grade 5 PYP exhibition website when we are in Exhibition season:  scpypexhibition.blogspot.com

Are you on Facebook – Twitter – Linkedin?
Yes, however, I use facebook for my personal communications only.
I am on Linked In and use if for professional connections:  Jessievaz
I spend a majority of my professional learning time using, communicating and exploring twitter which I feel is the best professional learning out there:  @jessievaz12
So, here's the mashup... If you've even done an edcamp or organised one, I would love some comments on your thoughts about it.  What worked for you?  What did you need to remember when organising?  What would you have wanted more of for next time?  Or heck, even some words of encouragement would be great!
Jessica :)
Photo source:  Faith Goble 


Brent Catlett said...

Love the EdCamp format of a conference! It is a great learning environment! What a great adventure you are beginning! Good luck! And way to go for having the courage to give this a go possibly!

jessievaz12 said...

Thanks for the cheer! Exactly what I need! We're still investigating how to organise the whole thing but I've been hearing nothing but positive comments about the whole edcamp experience. Hopefully we'll get a few more interested folks out there. Have you been to an edcamp? What were your best moments?

Brent Catlett said...

Yes I attended EdCamp Omaha that @j_allen put together w the help of others. It was fabulous! I got to meet so many amazing eudcators that are passionate about students and education as a whole. I got to meet a fella from Texas @Matt_Gomez who came up to check out the EdCamp experience because he was planning to organize one in Plano, TX. Really enjoyed meeting him and getting to know him. It was just different than any other conference in a good way. It was connecting with others some who I followed on Twitter, some who I now follow on Twitter, the connections, picking each others brains, learning and sharing that set it apart for me.

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