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26 August 2011

0 Does a Name Matter?

Names.  That's what's been on my mind for the last two days. On Wed night I participated in a webinar sponsored by @simplek12 (LOVE THEM by the way!) with @web20classroom about Twitter and using the service for class, school and district profiles.  While the webinar was great and full of amazing information (check out the notes I downloaded here), something that really stood out for me was a converstation on the backchannel about a "new name for twitter" that was mentioned by one of the participants.  Turns out that @2footgiraffe often refers to twitter as World Educators Collaboration Network when trying to get teachers to see the value in using twitter at school.  Not only did it make me laugh, but it made me think as well.

Do you know any famous name changes in history? I'm sure you can think of many but if not, take a look here at a list of some famous ones in business and product history.  I was surprised by how many I didn't know and how many had gone completely under my radar and I didn't even realise they had changed!

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So, what's the mash up? I think I'm going to have a workshop for teachers and call it World Educators Collaboration Network (#WECN for short) before they arrive so that I can get them in the seats.  I think that if they go to the workshop with the mindset that this tool is for education and collaboration, not just belly fluff sharing and celebrities, maybe I just might sell them on it!

What do you think? Do you think it will work? If yes, I encourage you to hold your next Twitter for Teachers workshop under this idea and then come and let me know if you had a positive outcome.  Be sure to post your results using the #WECN hashtag on twitter as well.  Heck, we may even end up creating a new offshoot of Twitter!

Jessica :)

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