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24 July 2011

1 Best Ed-Reform Resource Right Under Your Nose

What a Mustache Sees When it Looks Up

I did a little twitter spring cleaning tonight (well actually this morning because the only time I don't have two kids jumping or sleeping on me is in the wee hours of the morning!) and went through my followers and those that I follow as well as lists I have made.  I was absolutely humbled by the extreme talent, dedication, and in depth thinking that is represented by all of the members of my PLN! From well known bloggers to lesser known tweeters, message after message contained something insightful that was found or a link to a blog post that had astounding original applications and solutions for what is happening in education today.

This got me thinking.... if all of those great minds are out there and connecting on twitter, is anyone noticing? I mean, yes, me and about 1 million other educators who are advocates of twitter have noticed, but have any of the people in politics starting paying attention to us yet? I've seen many politically connected names and important positions on twitter but do the people who are making the laws and reforms watch our twitter feeds?  Many of the people who are making decisions for education reform today are still mainly politicians and other "non-education" persons speaking on our behalf.  I would love for them to spend a week looking at the twitter feeds and reading the blogs of some of the leading education reform bloggers and tweeters out there.  These are quality people who aren't spending their time complaining but are sharing the amazing ways that they make change and inspire learning to happen every day!  One week reading things from @kevinhoneycutt, @web20classroom, @angelamaiers, @gcouros ... (the list goes on and on!) and they would have their fill of innovative ideas for learner centered, engaged learning with new technologies and suggested ways for the leadership of that change in the educational sphere.  Surely after one week they would gather enough ideas and suggestions to make significant changes in the system today. Is this happening? Are the politicians and reform makers using the most amazing resource that's right under their noses?

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How am I going to apply this to my professional context?  I've already had a #edreform stream running in my twitter feed for awhile but I'm going to start paying more attention and tweeting back when I see those with some power come across.  In addition, I'm making a personal commitment to encourage my teachers to join twitter, not only for the professional development, but for the professional voice that they will be lending to the cause of education reform today. With more voices, change will happen.

I'm going to add my voice and their voices to conversation, will you be adding yours and those of your teachers as well?  How do you think we should get those in the positions to make real change in education notice the great ideas already out there on twitter and other social media outlets?

Jessica :)

Photo source:  CarbonNYC by David Goehring


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